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XCAL is a revolutionary new concept integrating both shooting sports and fitness under one roof.

Based in Ashburn, VA, this family-owned business focuses on bringing people together for unique and fun-filled experiences through activities such as shooting sports, functional fitness, and mixed martial arts. Last October, when XCAL broke ground in constructing their new facility, they reached out to ACS Creative to simultaneously create their brand and digital presence from the ground up. XCal needed an agency that could create their website and brand online, payment system, and marketing strategy to drive presales and ensure the success of their business.

XCAL needed to turn their brick and mortar construction site into a well-rounded, fully functional business, with a thriving digital presence. Additionally, they were interested in hiring an agency that could handle all their branding, website, and marketing efforts. XCAL required a powerful brand identity they were proud of, along with a seamlessly designed website that would initiate presales and raise awareness for their grand opening.

Beginning with creating their logo and brand identity, ACS Creative proved to be the perfect partner for XCAL. After developing an identity that accurately represented their mission and core values, we built a website exceptional in both design and function to convert leads into customers. We also designed print and digital collateral such as banners and thank-you cards, HTML follow-up emails, and merchandise to increase customer satisfaction.


XCAL Shooting Sports and Fitness is a unique business, so we wanted to incorporate that boldness within the logo and brand identity. Known initially as Caliber Club Sports, we consolidated that name to “XCAL” which is much more impactful as a logo and easily applicable to all digital and physical canvases.

For the logo, starting with a bold colored red “X” mark, which ensures visibility and readability at a distance, we used a warm grey color for the “CAL” text that follows, along with a midpoint strikethrough to distinguish this logo from your average shooting range or gym. Bringing the logo to a conclusion, we applied a crisp complementary font.

One of our goals with the XCAL branding was to create an identity that was bold and striking towards shooter and fitness enthusiasts and was consistent with the company’s vision.



During this project, the website’s primary purpose was streamlining the pre-opening membership process and raising awareness for XCAL online. ACS Creative did this by integrating a membership section for customers to quickly determine which membership suits them best, followed by a shop page to make a purchase.

We used a dark theme for this website to emphasize the tactical feeling and experience XCAL brings to the table. Equally important, the signature brand colors and logo are precisely attached across all the product and membership thumbnails, as well as the website design itself.

Asides from the membership and shop page, the XCAL website has four more sections: “About XCAL,” “Shooting Sports,” “Fitness,” and “FAQS,” all displayed on a sidebar navigation as opposed to the traditional overhead navigation bar. Under the navigation bar are social media hangers to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, to further increase brand equity and increase the probability of presales and social media shares.

One last feature which doesn’t go unnoticed is the left-to-right animations of text and pictures on each page. The purpose of these animations is to entice users to click through and stay on the website longer, but they also contribute to the exceptional user experience.


Once the website was up and running, marketing efforts that aligned with XCAL and their fresh brand identity were required.

The first phase of our marketing strategy involved designing merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. We also created air-mail thank you cards and banners to be displayed in populated Louden areas.

The second phase of our marketing strategy – focusing on people with a membership, consisted mainly of HTML follow-up emails and a free t-shirt.

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