Susan Fitzgerald & Associates


Project Background

After creating the SFADC logo and website back in 2009, the company's CEO, Susan Fitzgerald reached back out to ACS Creative to modernize and update their digital presence. As a Washington D.C. based consulting firm specializing in Government and Educational Institutions, they needed a site that proudly conveyed their expertise and professionalism.


Looking back at the website we created for SFA in 2009, we wanted to completely re-work the messaging as well as the design and functionality. ACS Creatives' team of writers worked along-side Susan and her team, to craft messaging that was clear and concise, while also maintaining an adequate level of keywords to enhance SEO.

  • Fabulous work! Chris Howell did my original logo and website about 9 years ago and we needed an updated website. They rapidly created and deployed a new design! Fabulous job and great professional team to work with. Thank you!

    Susan Fitzgerald, CEO, Susan Fitzgerald & Associates, Inc

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Website Design & Development

When brainstorming ideas for how we wanted to redesign the SFA website, we took numerous things into account; functionality, messaging, simplicity and mobility. We designed the homepage to focus on their mission statement and history, while deeper in the page, we focus on Clients, key solutions, then News & Insights. We wanted imagery to be clear and pixel perfect so we utilized a CDN to serve up the images as Google's .webp format to preserve ultra high-resolution sharpness, while optimizing the file size to a 10th of what it's .jpeg counterpart would be. Specific imagery was also selected to provide deep contrast that marries well with the black and vibrant reds from SFA's Brand Guide. Adding subtle motion across all pages allowed for not just smoother, quicker, page loads, it also allows the user to "experience" the site with movement.