Scandic Health

Project Background

Scandic Health is a company based in Reston, Virginia that has worked with a Scandinavian composer Niels Eje to develop a unique product called Musicure, which is a series of musical scores that were orchestrated to match the ideal human resting heartbeat. The product has been clinically proven to lower the stress inducing hormone called cortisol, which increases anxiety in patients while concurrently increasing the calm inducing hormone called oxytocin, which helps with patient well being. This in turn has helped dramatically decrease the recovery timelines in patients who have used the product. When Scandic Health approached ACS Creative, they were looking to develop a unique brand that would help them sell their audio and video streaming technology to hospitals, care facilities and health-related institutions.

Website Design & Development

Since Scandic Health offers both MusiCure Audio and MusiCure Video products, we knew that when we designed the site it needed to convey that idea of mixed media. The feeling of calm needed to also be reflected in the balance of elements, colors chosen and imagery. By creating custom illustrations we were able to visually articulate how the system worked both on a large scale and a slightly smaller scale found in their MusiCure Sleep product. Ultimately their technology was so successful, that they began marketing the products outside of the medical community. In 2017 Princess Cruise Lines showed interest and now uses MusiCure to ensure a more restful environment for their guests.


When it came to developing the Scandic Health identity and brand we knew that whatever we created needed to be reflective of the clean lines found in most Scandinavian design. But even more crucial than the style of the brand, was what it conveyed visually. Using inspiration from heart rate monitor readouts and music waveforms, we developed a mark that was reflective of the products they offer, breaking them down to their simplest form. Colors are reflective of the colors found in locations that their products are most likely to be used. For the typographic pairing we decided to use all lower case letters which is softer and more approachable to the viewer but is also geometrically balanced, striking perfect accord with the accompanying mark.