Resolute Merchant Services

Project Background

Resolute was founded in 2015 as a sister company to CLARUS Merchant Services. After raising CLARUS up to become a leading force in the payment services industry, Resolute CEO and founder, Randy Tillim leveraged his more than 20 years of experience on board to make Resolute the benchmark company of high-risk merchants. When Resolute approached ACS Creative, they were looking for a solid brand solution and website that would help the company hit the ground running.


In order to develop a brand that looked established and would help build an overall feeling of trust, we turned to symbols that are representative of security within the industry. The microchip embedded in most credit cards and debit cards was the inspiration for the logo mark. By using a line drawn geometric technique we created a logo mark depicting an eagle. This mark was paired with a clean sans serif typeface in all capital letters giving it the feeling of strength.

Website Design & Development

Through the use of a strong color palette and bold typography, we carried the same feeling of strength into the website. Core messaging throughout the site was indicative of the same strength we established in the brand ensuring consistency in both the visual and verbal implementation.