Project Background

In the digital age we currently live in, information security is becoming more and more a concern with businesses and organizations. CyberArmed is a software company that looks to solve many of these ongoing needs for stronger security. They have designed and developed an easy to use, secure credential issuance software and they sell the hardware that connects their system to the end user. Their products enable organizations of all sizes to implement a wide array of highly integrated solutions including ID issuance, Access Control and Mobile Security. These advanced identity and access management systems that are balanced perfectly for business and security needs.


Our Approach

CyberArmed came to ACS Creative looking for a new brand as well as a website that would showcase their company and help to further set them apart from their competitors. Since many of their customers were government agencies or contractors that work with those agencies, we wanted to create a look and feel that would appeal to that segment as well as bring a bold, contemporary flavor to the industry they represent. Through the use of strong contrasting colors and the balance of light and dark visuals we were able to do just that. Through strong photography and clean illustrations we were able to provide a clearer picture of a somewhat complex system to their potential clients.

  • You and your team got it perfect!… I just wanted to let you know I love the homepage!

    Greg Abrenio, President & CEO, Cyber Armed


When it came to developing a look and feel for the Cyber Armed brand we didn't want to fall into the visual cliche's that are often used when portraying cyber security so we knew that the final mark needed to be somewhat abstract. In doing so we turned our focus to the products they develop and more specifically what those products do... "secure authentication". Since fingerprint scanning technology was highly integrated into their dual stage authentication systems the final logo gives a nod to this type of identification and is also symbolic of the tumbler gears in a safe or padlock.