Project Background

For patients with neurological and orthopedic injuries, one faulty step during rehabilitation could literally set them back weeks in recovery. In 2004 Dr. Joe Hidler, acting director at the Center for Applied Biomechanics & Rehabilitation Research, sought to solve this problem developing a one of a kind zero gravity rehabilitation system. This led him to found Aretech, which is now a global leader in robotic body-weight support systems. Today these systems are being used in over 100 hospitals and rehabilitation centers around the world and are instrumental in rehabilitating injured veterans and patients with limited mobility.


Our Solution

When we set out to develop a new website for Aretech we first sought to identify their target audience and better understand the selling features of the revolutionary ZeroG product. This process led us to create unique user flows within the site and provide tiered levels of engagement. Through carefully designed product pages and media rich content, the site delivered exactly the type of experience our client was looking for.