Project Background

AAEI (American Association of Exporters & Importers) is the premier trade organization representing those immediately engaged in and directly impacted by developments pertaining to international trade. Simply put, they are recognized as technical experts regarding the day-to-day facilitation of trade. Dating back to the early 1920's the organization has had a very long history and over time their brand had evolved many times. But moving forward they wanted a brand identity that would reflect a newer more progressive path the organization was moving in.


Since AAEI deals primarily with all overseas trade policy and regulation, the new mark needed to align with the not only the diversity of the member companies they served but the specific methods that products and goods were transported. By maintaining certain brand equity found in the existing mark and analyzing various trade related imagery, we developed a new brand identity that reflects the massive container ships companies use to move products overseas. The circular shape of the mark takes this concept to yet another level by simulating the view of shipping containers through the porthole of  a ship. Paired with a custom type solution, the mark was a huge success giving new vitality to the organization.