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Value Scout answers the headline question: What’s it worth? And, ACS Creative helped them to answer that with a full marketing strategy.

A new company, Value Scout was starting from scratch. They needed the full gamut from brand identity to a website to a full range of collateral materials to a web app. Now, the company can work with clients to help them with their answers to understand how cash flows should be adjusted to reflect the “real” numbers,” perform valuation modeling using industry best practices, and arrive at Current Market Value. And, ACS Creative is with them every step of the way.

Because Value Scout is a new company with a killer new idea, they needed a killer website and identity to go with it. They approached us with this challenge of designing a full-scope marketing strategy complete with an online web app.

Within five months from start to finish, we executed the plan so that Value Scout could begin its marketing efforts and get to work. In addition, we helped lay the groundwork for future events, books and sales.

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When working with a brand-new company like Value Scout, we begin with the essentials. In this case, the brand identity. It was crucial to get this right to set the tone and character of the company. We designed the hexagonal logo, complementary icons and customized illustrations. And, we finalized the color palette. ACS created a complete design package with detailed specifics that could be used across all forms of communications.


Value Scout’s new website needed to easily walk users through its valuation process.

We began with determining a strategy and goals for the site, which would include an intricate pricing page and form. Then, we built out the full site with design and hosting. The front-end marketing website simplifies the company’s steps for users to easily present information and to capture leads. Ultimately, this website is the catalyst for the web app that we designed.

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Always fully responsive


To increase website traffic, we worked with Value Scout’s SEO and SEM to design retargeting banner ads to drive users back to the marketing website. In addition, we helped on the strategic side and designed collateral with the look and feel of the new branding. No marketing stone was left unturned. We created drip email programs; coding and strategy; print collateral and business cards; marketing email templates; customized customer reports; and more. You name it, we did it!

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