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Since it was founded in 1992 Morten Beyer and Agnew (MBA) has established itself as a leading advisor to financial institutions, airlines, lessors, and government agencies worldwide. The aim of mba is to provide an accurate and trustworthy view of aircraft values to the aviation finance industry.

In 2019 they were looking to change the name of the company from Morten Beyer and Agnew to MBA. To do this effectively they needed to not only rebrand the organization but update their web presence as well.

ACS Creative first approached the branding component developing a multitude of concepts that provided a diverse set of visual options. Ultimately after the new identity had been chosen a complete visual system was developed out of which we created a new website that complimented the brand.


MBA works with so many different types of aircraft, therefore it was imperative that no one specific airframe was used to represent the company as a whole. Since MBA brings together so many different experts from both the technical and financial side of the industry they wanted the mark to represent that idea within the mark itself. The core typeface was custom created and a color palette was chosen that maintained existing brand equity but also reflected grey tones found in aircraft materials.



The new website we created for MBA is a fresh contemporary take on the information that was presented in their old site. We expanded regions of the site such as the leadership team and services sections to accommodate the company’s growth in those areas. Strong imagery was chosen and content updated to support more robust service offerings and providing user conversion opportunities was a key update throughout the site.

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