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The Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI), has been promoting the value and benefits of foodservice packaging for over 80 years.

FPI is the association that oversees the foodservice packaging industry. The association has four types of members: Suppliers, Manufacturers, Operators, and Distributors. From collecting and selling the raw materials used to produce fast food and restaurant takeout containers to the actual manufacturing, selling, and usage of these containers, FPI’s members do it all. Mid 2020 pandemic, after appointing a new company president and being utterly frustrated with their old website, FPI reached out to ACS Creative to build them a new state-of-the-art website.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, with a new president of the company, and a significant increase in food deliveries, FPI required a new website. One critical feature of this website was a private membership section with excellent functionality. Also, the overall user experience of this website needed to represent the company better. Upon reaching out to ACS Creative, we assured them that we would build the website in the shortest possible time without taking any shortcuts. FPI also manages a website for the Crumbine Award, a renowned award given yearly to local environmental health jurisdictions that excel in providing excellent food safety services to their communities. Part of the challenge was needing to rebuild the Crumbine Award website as well.

In just six months, we built FPI’s new website from scratch and went live. The new website’s functionality and physical appeal are flawless, and any information that needed to be migrated from the old website was done so smoothly and improved. The Crumbine Award website is also complete and live.


The new main website we built for FPI is incomparable to their old one because it has a personality and 2021 user experience. Much like the main website, the new Crumbine Award website is a night and day difference from the old one, both in branding and professionalism. As a leader in a niche industry that is indirectly very close to people’s hearts, FPI is held to a high standard, with people’s trust as a #1 priority. Considering this, along with FPI’s established brand, logo, and core values, ACS Creative built FPI a website that speaks directly to its audience.



The new FPI website is a refreshing and clean twist on the average corporate website. And, it clearly illustrates what FPI does, who they are, whom they help, and how they help.

Beginning on the front page, ACS utilized warm-colored graphics, friendly but confident text fonts, and high-resolution photos to compliment the FPI logo. Scrolling down further on the first page, we showcased some key metrics about FPI and the significant amount of food service packing they handle in the industry.

At the bottom of the first page, we embedded a “Newsroom” section highlighting recent press releases. Additionally, next to the newsroom section, we attached a small Twitter widget with a vertical scroll wheel for users to read recent Tweets. At the very bottom of the first page, we embedded a “Blogging with FPI” section which contains various blog posts users can click on to read entire posts.

Besides the Blog, Newsroom, and Homepage of the website, there are four other critical pages. Starting with the “About” section, we created a custom interactive timeline on this page beginning in 1903 to present, with 25 different slides demonstrating the evolution of the foodservice packaging industry and explaining how FPI first started. Next, the “Resources” page contains an extensive list of free-to-use resources, along with members-only resources. Equally important, ACS Creative built a straightforward but effective membership page covering membership benefits, member lists, and different types of members. The last page is “Conferences”, which is essential to FPI since they hold two conferences per year.

One last important navigation tool included in the new FPI website is the footer section, containing quick links to topics labeled under four different categories.

In business, especially if you’re an industry leader, your website has to be perfect, and with the state-of-the-art feel of the new FPI and Crumbine Award website, we built nothing short of that.

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