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EMP180°, an emerging weight-loss and health company based in Tysons, Virginia, was looking to take their success to the next level.

To make this happen, the company sought a firm that would become an invested partner to expand their business to decrease waistlines. EMP180 wanted a complete refresh of its brand to bring in new clients with leads through website conversion, email campaigns, SEO / SEM marketing and radio advertisements. And, of course, convert those leads into new customers.

EMP180 needed a complete rebuild of its existing online presence. The overhaul would start with revamping an existing website and logo to better represent the company’s vision to empower clients with resources needed for lasting weight loss and health. Then, they would use that new brand to encompass other services that work cohesively to attract new clients and increase revenue.

ACS Creative teamed with EMP180 to become just the partner they were looking for. We updated the existing brand, aligning it with EMP180’s mission to empower clients through their weight-loss journey. We worked with them every step of the way to create an effective marketing strategy. This has led to increased online leads, phone calls and walk-ins, as well as a significant increase in conversion rates. And this is only the beginning.


ACS Creative refreshed EMP180’s identity beginning with its logo. They wanted a design that would project empowerment and show the 180-degree turnaround in mindset about weight loss. With that concept in mind, we designed a logo using the company’s name, accentuated with a yellow line that curves 180 degrees to the registered trademark symbol, which also acts as the degree symbol. We developed a tagline, “EMPowering a healthier you,” which absorbs the company’s name within the word empowering, and incorporated it in the logo.

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EMP180’s existing website needed a fresh new look with easy navigation to engage prospective clients.

ACS Creative integrated the new logo and formalized a color palette, creating consistency within the website and all other materials. We redesigned the entire website to make it easy for users to find more information about the company’s programs and to inquire about the company’s services. We even incorporated conversion points on every page to generate leads. These short forms make it simple for users to reach out to EMP180, and, in turn, capture solid leads.

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Once the website redesign was complete, EMP180 entrusted us to take over the site hosting as well. We developed an SEO / SEM marketing program and an automated email marketing strategy. A drip campaign was developed and each email template was tailored to EMP180’s marketing goal to keep prospective clients engaged, eventually converting them to leads.

Based on its target audience and to expand its reach, EMP180 decided to dedicate some advertisement dollars toward radio. We identified, engaged and worked with media buyers to purchase radio spots for our client.

Additionally, we completed a full system audit of how the company collects lead conversions. We then remapped and streamlined the lead process so each lead is sent to the appropriate franchise location. This system is the basis for future national franchises.

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