Culture at ACS

Behind the scenes, ahead of what’s next. Among our three offices, we have created a work environment that inspires innovation, encourages experimentation, and cultivates creativity.

Always Camera Ready

It’s a lot easier to design beautiful websites and printed materials when you have beautiful images to compliment them. On a somewhat frequent basis, we are asked to do a studio-style product photo shoot for our clients. Whether we’re dressing a mannequin or capturing the essence of a piece of furniture, it’s always a fun day at the office!

Stepping Out

Believe it or not, we do occasionally venture beyond the comfort of our office, adjust our eyes to the sunlight, and take field trips together. Our team loves attending industry conferences and trade shows or going to visit clients for demo’s and brainstorming sessions. We’ve been known to organize a celebratory happy hour (or two) as well!

Getting Festive

Any holiday that provides an excuse to decorate the offices, we go all-in. When you get a room full of creatives together, it looks like Christmas and Halloween exploded in epic (yet tasteful) fashion.

Foodies at Heart

When you work as hard as we do, lunch time is more than just a short break—but an event to be savored. Each of our centrally-located offices has a plethora of cuisine options nearby and to say we take advantage would be an understatement.